Why Do Some People Develop Recurring Cavities?

Tooth cavities are the small holes that form in our mouths causing the teeth to break and leading to discomfort and regular dental visits. Lifestyle is a major factor in the growth of tooth cavities. Below are some of the reasons why people tend to have recurring tooth cavities.


Dental cavities are very common in most people. However, some people tend to suffer more from them than other people. Here are some reasons why some people develop recurring cavities.

Consuming too much sugary food leads to the teeth being a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. When the bacteria get in contact with the sugars, they release acids that affect the tooth enamel. For people who have had a tooth cavity before, it is advisable that they incorporate a healthy sugar-free diet with lots of water consumption.

Consuming foods rich in acids are also likely to cause tooth decay. Foods rich in acid do not only create a favorable environment for bacterial breeding, but they are likely to work on their own. Even without the harmful bacteria, acidic foods can erode the tooth on their own. Some of the food substances people consume have adverse effects on the tooth enamel, thus leading to cavities.

The composition and flow of your saliva could also result in recurring cavities. Saliva helps in cleaning the tooth surface. If you have a dry mouth, the cleaning of the teeth becomes affected. Saliva that is too thick is also unable to properly clean the teeth and leaves behind substances that cause cavities.

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This does not mean that observing good oral hygiene counts for nothing. You should still take care of your oral health. If you suffer from recurring cavities, then you should schedule a visit with our clinic for a checkup and a deeper diagnosis of the root cause. If left untreated, recurring cavities could lead to discomfort and more serious health concerns. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.