What We Can Do if You Come In for Something Stuck Between Your Teeth

If you have ever been eating and afterward, you have food stuck. It can be extremely annoying. The most important tip is to remember, it isn’t life or death. Never use pliers or anything metal to remove it. If it doesn’t come up with a floss loop or floss pick. Call us, we can help remedy the situation. There are cases where food is getting stuck regularly. Don’t let it frustrate you, give our office a call.


If you are noticing more and more that you are experiencing food trapped in between your teeth. We can help. What has happened is that your teeth will move a small amount as you get older. They can shift into a position where food becomes commonly caught. When this happens, we can correct this.

Making an appointment, we can identify the teeth that have moved together creating a wedge. Using some sanding instruments, we can correct the wedge, allowing you to freely apply floss and remove all food from your teeth.


If you are experiencing the constant problem of food being trapped after a meal. It’s important to contact us. If food is being jammed so tight that it’s hard to remove, you can be sure your toothbrush isn’t removing it. Areas of the teeth where food can become stuck can quickly decay.

The food quickly becomes an area that bacteria convert into plaque. You don’t want any pockets or hard to reach areas food gets stuck to start to develop plaque and decay. The occasional piece of food is normal. If you are dealing with it after one or more meal a day, it’s time to seek professional help.

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It’s important to remember if you can’t remove food with a simple piece of floss. Seek our help and avoid further damage to your teeth.