Same-Day Crowns

Advancements in technology and technique have led to same-day dental crowns, a revolution in the field of restorative dentistry. At El Paso Modern Dentistry, we specialize in same-day dental crowns because we want our patients to have access to the fastest, most convenient, and most effective procedures available today. If you need restorative treatment, you have come to the right place!

All The Benefits

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped appliance that covers the visible portion of a severely damaged or decayed tooth. A crown helps restore both the function and appearance of a tooth, improving its size, shape, and strength. Most crowns these days are made from porcelain or zirconia due to superior esthetics and durability.

The Process

Protect a weak tooth from breaking

Restore a damaged or decayed tooth too weak for a dental filling

Replace a large filling when there is not enough healthy tooth structure left

Improve the appearance of a discolored or abnormally shaped tooth

Protect the structure of a tooth after root canal therapy

Cover a Dental Implant or abutment tooth for a bridge

Up until fairly recently, the crown procedure had to be broken down into two appointments: one to prepare the tooth and one to place the crown. A tooth must be completely reshaped to accommodate the shape and size of a dental crown. Thanks to modern technology, we now can reshape a tooth, fabricate the appliance, and place the crown within a single appointment.

The Process

Same-day dental crowns are possible thanks to computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). CAD/CAM software, combined with a chairside milling unit, allows us to design and create your final crown using 3-D imaging and digital impressions. This eliminates the need for goopy, uncomfortable impression materials, and the multi-week fabrication process.

During your appointment, Enrique Darancou, DDS will reshape the tooth by removing the outer layer of enamel. Next, we use 3-D imaging technology to capture a digital impression of your tooth. We then design your restoration using this digital representation, all while you watch in real-time!

Once we are satisfied with the design, this information is wirelessly transferred to our milling unit. Then, we place a single block of ceramic (usual porcelain) into the milling unit, which will shape the block to the dimensions of your crown. After the crown is complete, we will permanently bond the appliance to your tooth using special dental cement.

Benefits Of Same-Day Crowns

There are several benefits to same-day dental crowns, some of which include:

•  Fantastic Esthetics: The ceramic will be polished to match the sheen of your smile, making your crown virtually-indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth.
•  Convenience: We understand that many of our patients live busy lives. A same-day crown can save you a significant amount of time in the dental chair, and eliminate the need for multiple appointments.
•  Cost-Effective: Same-day crowns eliminate the costs associated with additional appointments and temporary appliances (usually required during the fabrication of a traditional crown).
•  Biocompatible: Same-day crowns are metal-free and highly compatible with gum tissue.
•  More Tooth Structure: CAD/CAM technology allows us to preserve more healthy tooth structure, ultimately making your crown, and the tooth underneath it, much stronger.


If you have a problematic tooth, a same-day dental crown may be the ideal solution. Call (915) 213-0055 to schedule your consultation today!

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