Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

During the pregnancy, you will have routine doctor visits for prenatal checkups, it’s also important to call us and get scheduled to visit our dentist for prenatal dental care. Our dentist can help explain the changes in oral health during pregnancy and what you should be aware of. We know of many links between your oral health during pregnancy and your baby’s health. Having scheduled visits throughout your pregnancy is critical to your oral health, physical health, and your child’s health.


Researchers have linked gum disease in pregnant women and premature birth with low birth weight. Babies that are born prematurely run the risk of a series of health conditions. These can include cerebral palsy as well as issues with eyesight and hearing. Rough research estimates suggest that around 18% of premature births are in conjunction with gum disease. This is one of the reasons we schedule a series of appointments throughout your pregnancy.


During pregnancy, your hormone levels changing can leave your mouth more vulnerable to plaque forming and cavities. What is most common is gum inflammation, it’s most likely to occur during the second trimester. This swelling of the gums creates pockets for bacteria to form, resulting in gum diseases. Many studies show it is very common to have plaque buildup during pregnancy.

This can be from your diet, dry mouth, and hormone imbalances. Your gums may be tender and sometimes bleed. Your body may not fight off plaque as well when you’re pregnant. This can lead to tooth decay and gingivitis. Be sure to ask our dentist about getting an antimicrobial mouthwash to help fight bacteria and plaque. We will remove plaque buildup when you come to our office for the regularly scheduled appointments.

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A pregnancy can be a trial in and of itself. Our office is here to assist you with your oral health care. If you aren’t scheduled yet, call today and let us provide the needed treatments throughout this exciting period of your life.