Can High Blood Pressure Be Treated by Getting More Regular Dental Care?

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Enrique Darancou, DDS
Can High Blood Pressure Be Treated by Getting More Regular Dental Care?If you suffer from high blood pressure, you are not alone. Studies show over half of the American population over the age of 35 have some degree of gum disease. This is the chronic inflammation of the gums around your teeth.

There was a massive study published in December 2018 called, “Hyper Tension.” The American Heart Association looked at the records dental and medical of 3,600 people that were confirmed to possess high blood pressure. The study found that just shy of half of the patients were free of gum disease. The remaining showed signs of gum disease.

What Role Does Gum Disease Play in High Blood Pressure?

There have been multiple studies done to try and find the exact link between the two. So far, the only conclusive fact is they have a connection. There are some theories. One of the most popular theories is the bacteria in your mouth makes its way into your bloodstream. Over time, it becomes plaque that restricts blood flow in certain parts of your body. It puts you at risk for either a stroke or a hard attack.

What Can Be Done if I Have High Blood Pressure and Gum Disease?

Schedule an appointment with your doctor to address the high blood pressure. They will recommend some of the basics, like eating a healthy diet each day and getting exercise regularly. Follow a balanced diet that gives your body and immune system the nutrients it needs to fight any bacteria you encounter orally.

Next, make an appointment with us to address the severity of your gum disease. In some more severe cases, surgery may be required. It is best not to wait and if you contact us, we would be happy to help.

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