Ways Your Teeth Could Benefit from Juicing

Posted on 6/30/2019 by Enrique Darancou, DDS
Ways Your Teeth Could Benefit from JuicingHave you jumped onto the juicing bandwagon yet? While there are some dental pitfalls when it comes to juicing, such as the high acid content, there are other ways that your teeth could benefit. When you change your diet and make better food decisions, including juicing, your oral health may improve.

Consume a Greater Range of Vegetables for More Nutrients

Good nutrition is important for good oral health, as your teeth need vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and many other nutrients to stay healthy. If you don't eat dairy and don't particularly care for chomping down on leafy greens, a green juice with kale and spinach could be a good alternative.

Lower Your Blood Sugar

When you engage in juicing, you'll be replacing other potentially unhealthy meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, and this can lower your blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to diabetes, and research has shown that people with this disease are at an increased risk for developing gum disease. In the earliest stages, gum disease may lead to inflamed and bleeding gums, but if it is allowed to advance, gum recession and even tooth loss could result.

Help Fight Cancer

By eating more fruits and veggies, your body will be armed with more anti-cancer nutrients. This can help your body to stay healthy and fight off cancer cells, potentially even oral cancer cells.

Reduce Your Cholesterol

When you consume more fruits and vegetables, you'll have less room for high cholesterol foods and snacks. Ultimately, this can benefit your oral health, as two studies have shown that statins – a type of prescription drug used to lower cholesterol levels – could affect dental health. Researchers found that statins could increase calcification in the tooth's pulp chamber, a condition that makes it difficult to perform root canal procedures.

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