If You Keep Your Oral Health Up, It Can Decrease High Blood Pressure Problems

Researchers and oral professionals have concluded that people who take a treatment regimen for their high blood pressure are more likely to experience a higher level of medicinal relief from their hypertension pills, if they practice good oral health on a consistent basis.

In 2018, The American Heart Association journal, called Hypertension, researchers were able to find that people who had healthy gums were responding to their medication better than those who had already been diagnosed with gum disease. Our dental professionals are one of the first people who can recognize if something is off with your health.

It can include halitosis, sores in your mouth, and even bleeding or sore gums. These are all clear-cut systems to our oral professionals that something else is going on. Keeping up good oral hygiene can affect your overall health. For those of you who suffer from hypertension, or high blood pressure, it’s even more important that you do so.


If you have never had your blood pressure taken, we encourage you to visit our office for a consultation. Hypertension rarely shows any signs or symptoms and if not checked for, can go undetected for an unhealthy amount of time. Early intervention is the key to preventing any health problems in the future.

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Maintain a healthy weight, avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis and get plenty of physical activity in your day. These are all additional steps you can take to ensure you are living and feeling your best. If you have any questions or concerns about gum disease or maintaining good oral hygiene and you have high blood pressure, give us a call and we can schedule you for a consultation to discuss care and prevention with you.