Could Your Tongue Be Why You Sometimes Have Bad Breath?

Regardless of where it’s coming from, your bad breath is a sign of poor oral hygiene. In most cases, it does come from either your gums or the top of your tongue. In either case, people will smell a fecal like odor coming from your mouth.


Why Your Tongue Lies At The Heart Of Your Bad Breath Problem

Imbalances within your mouth lie at the heart of any type of issue you’re having with bad breath. This happens when protein breaks down. Sometimes this is by no fault of your own because you’re taking certain types of medications. Your tongue simply has a way of harboring most of the bacteria that causes your breath to smell bad.

How To Fix Your Tongue If It’s Causing Your Bad Breath?

The American Dental Association (ADA) says that the best way to fix your tongue so you no longer suffer from bad breath is by using a dental scraper. With this tool you can scrape off the surface of your tongue, which will provide you with temporary relief from bad breath.

How To Know It’s Your Tongue That’s Causing Your Bad Breath

If you’re wondering if your tongue is the culprit here, you’ll want to look at it in the mirror. When you do and you notice that you have a white tongue, you can almost rest assured that you’ve found the culprit. The white stuff that’s present there is caused by dead cells, debris, and bacteria. Another great way of determining this is simply by determining whether you have a constant taste in your mouth that’s either sour, bitter, or metallic in nature. Sometimes it’s even more evident than either of these things because your tongue will be burning.

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